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Changes in our environment are difficult to see and understand because they happen gradually, but long term monitoring projects are expensive and complex. Chronolog solves this problem by connecting communities with land stewards to create crowd-sourced time lapses of important natural areas.

Chronolog’s mission is twofold: First, to engage people with nature in an interactive new way. Second, to keep a record of phenological change for scientific use. By making environmental conservation a collaborative activity, people become interested in participating and compelled by the findings.

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Park Visitors Chronolog Ecosystems To Help Monitor Change

Each year three million people visit Indiana Dunes State and National Parks. At the same time, park staff are actively managing and restoring hundreds of acres of wetlands, oak savannas, and o... Continue Reading

Citizen Science at Cane River Creole National Historical Park

Cane River Creole National Historical Park is the first site in Louisiana to partner with Chronolog to engage visitors in a new citizen science project. Photo stations have been created where ... Continue Reading

Citizen Science Project At Keālia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

“Keālia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is excited to provide this opportunity for visitors to get involved and document their wildlife refuge,” said Courtney Brown, Keālia Pond NWR visitor serv... Continue Reading

The Changing Environment and Chronolog

If you haven’t been to the museum’s wetlands in a while (let’s face, not many people have since this past March) and you miss it, here’s a few shots of what it looks like now. Back in March th... Continue Reading

Recording Change One Photo at a Time

Environmental changes can move at a snail’s pace, making them costly to record and hard for the average person — and even scientists — to visualize. Now, Scenic Hudson has introduced an inexpe... Continue Reading

Big Thicket National Preserve: Chronolog Citizen Science

This project positively impacts the longleaf restoration project that the preserve has been a part of for over 10 years. This project will help BTNP monitor both the natural reforestation of t... Continue Reading

Carbon environmental center documents its landscape

Have you ever looked at something — whether it was your child, your favorite vacation destination or even a beautiful spot in your backyard that you just like visiting — and thought about how ... Continue Reading

Chronolog is a fun and easy way to assist refuge staff in caring for this special place.

Courtney Brown

Keālia Pond NWR Visitor Service Manager

Photo added to Keālia Coastal Boardwalk, Hawaii, US on May 21, 2021

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Chronolog is a monitoring tool for parks, nature centers, wildlife organizations, schools, and museums worldwide. With over 20,000 contributors across 100 organizations, Chronolog is on a mission to engage communities with nature while recording important natural changes.

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