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Photo added to Chilkat River, Alaska, US on Dec 26, 2020

Any location. Any project.

There are no limits to where you can put a chronolog or what you can monitor. You choose what story to tell.

Validate grant funded projects and engage the public with the results. Show visitors what work was done even long after the project has been completed.

Monitor changes in water levels or water quality over time. Record shoreline erosion, impact due to upstream events, or improved water quality due to resotration efforts.

Show visitors which plants are indigenous and which are invasive. Explain why invasive plants are a problem, how they spread, and what's being done to prevent them.

Document prescribed fire areas to show visitors why manicuring forests makes for a healthier ecosystem, or create a baseline dataset for areas prone to storm damage.

Chronologs help organizations recruit volunteers, promote upcoming events, and educate communities about important environmental issues and projects.


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Photo added to Vernal Pool, District of Columbia, US on Mar 21, 2018

What can I do with the photos?

Organizers are able to repurpose the collected photos for any means. Use the steady stream of photos for your social media, add the time lapse videos to your newsletters, validate grant funding, or incorporate the data into your own educational curriculum.

  1. Post new photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  2. Embed the time lapse in your website
  3. Validate grant money or apply for new grants
  4. Create educational material
  5. Analyze the images as a dataset for research
  6. Host a digital exhibit in your visitor center
Organization Spotlight

City of Nanaimo

British Columbia, CA

The City of Nanaimo is a community of 100,000 residents on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The City has over 1000 Ha of parkland. 70% of it being natural area. The spread of invasive species and the fragmentation of habitat over the years has negatively impacted these spaces. To address this, the City is working with Snuneymux... Learn More

Chronologs benefit all types of organizations.




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Chronolog is a monitoring tool for parks, nature centers, wildlife organizations, schools, and museums worldwide. With over 100,000 contributors across 300 organizations, Chronolog is on a mission to engage communities with nature while recording important natural changes.

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