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About Coastal Prairie Conservancy

The Coastal Prairie Conservancy (formerly the Katy Prairie Conservancy) was formed in 1992 to conserve the coastal prairie for people and wildlife before it disappears. We are a nationally accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas, and a trusted leader in local land protection. We are also one of the largest local land conservation organizations, by acreage, in southeast Texas, protecting over 30,000 acres of coastal prairie. On the historic Katy Prairie in Harris, Ft. Bend, and Waller Counties, the Coastal Prairie Conservancy owns more than 13,500 acres and protects 5,000 acres through conservation agreements with private landowners. The Coastal Prairie Conservancy is also working to protect coastal prairie in other Texas counties and through conservation agreements protects over 11,500 acres in Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, and Jackson Counties. 

The Greater Houston region has experienced rapid growth, resulting in the conversion of farms, fields, and prairies into strip malls, offices, parking lots, and proliferating suburbs, consuming thousands of acres of the coastal prairie, one of the most important and threatened ecosystems in North America. In an effort to safeguard this important ecosystem, the Coastal Prairie Conservancy continues to work toward four primary goals: increasing protected coastal prairie lands, restoring and enhancing conserved lands, collaborating with other organizations to ensure a vibrant and resilient community, and connecting the public with nature through public access, educational programming, and outreach.

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