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Explore the mangroves of the Indian River Lagoon from the view of George's Perch on the campus of the Environmental Learning Center in Vero Beach, Florida. Situated above the mangroves that encompass most of our 64-acre campus, this Chronolog timelapse will help us understand how the forest changes throughout the year. We partnered our Citizen Science Walk activity, the "ELC Mangrove Watch," with Chronolog to help us create a professional timelapse that can be shared with the world. Our goal is to allow visitors an opportunity to participate in a variety of citizen science projects around our campus so they can better understand how science works and contribute to its purpose. Our mangrove forest is essential to the health of the Indian River Lagoon, an estuary of national significance. Our lagoon island campus is protected against erosion from wind and water because of the mangrove trees that grow along its shoreline. Mangrove habitat is threatened by human development along coastlines, and we hope this project will help scientists who are working to monitor changes to mangrove habitats across the globe.

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