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Thanks for visiting Grassy Waters Preserve and participating in the Chronolog Citizen Science project. The 23.5 square miles of pristine wetland you see in the time lapse history, serves as the drinking water supply for West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach, and Palm Beach island. Owned by the city of West Palm Beach and managed by the Public Utilities Department, no rivers lakes or underground springs feed these wetlands. It is rainfall only that sustains the health and vitality of this vast urban watershed. A mosaic of wetlands, tree islands, and forested hammocks, Grassy Waters Preserve is also home to a wide variety of native wildlife. Commonly sighted species include the everglades snail kite, great egret, white ibis, great blue heron, limpkin, wood stork, white tailed deer, otter, bobcat, and alligator. Do your part to protect this wetland resource by adopting responsible water use practices. Remember you are dependent upon the Preserve for water and the Preserve is dependent upon you for protection. Please help to ensure that Grassy Waters Preserve continues to meet both human and ecological freshwater needs for generations to come. For more information about Grassy Waters Preserve, programming, and a wealth of educational resources visit our website: and our Facebook page.

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