Olympic National Park and Washington Sea Grant


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About Olympic National Park and Washington Sea Grant

These Chronolog stations are maintained through a partnership between Olympic National park and Washington Sea Grant, with additional support provided through the Cascadia Copes Hub 

Washington Sea Grant (WSG) envisions healthy, productive and resilient coastal and marine ecosystems that sustain Washington’s rich cultural and maritime heritage, vibrant coastal communities, clean waters and beaches, prosperous fisheries and aquaculture, diverse wildlife and an engaged public. Learn more at https://wsg.washington.edu/

The Cascadia Coastline and Peoples Hazards Research Hub, or Cascadia CoPes Hub, is a team of researchers funded by the National Science Foundation to increase knowledge about natural hazards and climate change risks coastal communities face and ways to increase their resilience. The Hub is working with communities in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Northern California to increase their ability to mitigate and adapt to impacts from hazards.
Learn more at https://cascadiacopeshub.org/ 

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