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About The Nature Trust of British Columbia & The BC Conservation Foundation


The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading non-profit land conservation organization (land trust).  Since 1971, we have acquired more than 500 conservation properties in British Columbia, totalling over 180,000 acres.  

We work to acquire habitats of high biodiversity values and those that are at the greatest risk of being lost.  We manage these conservation lands as part of the landscape to ensure ecosystem resilience and connectivity.  And, in doing so - we ensure these lands are protected for future generations of wildlife, plants and people too! 

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Founded in 1969 and incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia, our mission is to promote and assist in the conservation of the fish and wildlife resources of BC through the protection, acquisition or enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat.

We work closely both with partners and independently to make a positive contribution to the conservation of BC's fish, wildlife and habitat through the provision of administrative, project management and technical field services.  

With our provincial network of biologists and technicians, expertise in fundraising and capabilities in partner building, we bring people and resources together to achieve conservation success.  

Working with all levels of government, Indigenous Peoples, industry, NGO's, the private sector and educational institutions, we have implemented over 7,000 projects since 1986.  

Check out our website for more information 

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