May 12, 2023

Little Orange Creek Preserve

Little Orange Creek Preserve

Since 2023

In Florida, US


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Little Orange Creek Preserve & Nature Park encompasses nearly 2,900 acres of the upper  Little Orange Creek watershed, and protects a patchwork of diverse wetlands that feed into and form Fowlers Prairie, including the pinelands and hammock that surround it. Large parts of
Little Orange Creek Preserve are basin swamp with a mix of cypress, tupelo, and red maple. The uplands were historically a mix of sandhill and flatwoods that were steadily converted to planted pine many years ago.  

The rich variety of habitats supports a wonderful diversity of plants and animals. Bears regularly travel through the area, and have been photographed numerous times using trail cameras. Other large mammals include deer, coyotes, bobcats, and otters. The freshwater marshes and swamps provide excellent habitat for many species of wading birds and other wetland dependent species. 

Since the preserve was established, restoration efforts in the area have seen considerable progress. Through a donation program and numerous acquisitions, the preserve has more than doubled in size. A new nature center has been completed and now supports the Creekside Environmental Ed for Kids (CrEEK) Program. Land managers and volunteers have planted over 140,000 longleaf pines on the preserve. Fire lines have been established and a controlled burn program has also been initiated. Finally, a network of trails was opened in 2017, which now covers 2.5 miles through the preserve. 

There is much more work ahead to return these
lands to a more natural state, and the management of the entire complex of conservation lands will be closely coordinated between the various government and non-profit organizations involved. Future restoration will involve thinning of overgrowth, controlled burns, and longleaf pine tree planting. In addition, ACT is working with adjacent landowners and exploring the possibility of expanding the preserve.

Learn more about ACT and this preserve at www.AlachuaConservationTrust.org.  


About Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc.

Established in 1988, ACT is an accredited non-profit land trust working to protect the natural, historic, scenic and recreational resources across North Central Florida. ACT protects land through purchase, donation, and conservation easements primarily in 16 counties. 


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