September 19, 2022

Eubanks Creek

Eubanks Creek

Since 2022

In Mississippi, US


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Eubanks creek is one of the main watersheds for the Jackson metro area. It carries water from the northwest part of the city, across town, and drains into the Pearl River. The nature trail at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum provides a great observation point to see how the watershed changes throughout the year.

About Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum strives to cultivate an appreciation for Mississippi agriculture and to offer a memorable and inspiring experience for the whole community.  Our mission is to create an environment that comminicates the value of past and present,  Mississippi agricultural lifestyles, relationships, and their relevance to the future of all people.

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is home to Small Town Mississippi, which incorporates historic buildings and artifacts that tell the story of the Mississippi farmer.  The museum is also the site of the National Agricultural Aviation Museum.  

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