August 15, 2022

Beech Pond

Beech Pond

Since 2022

In Ohio, US


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Our latest land acquisition at Beech Creek Gardens includes this ~ 1/4 acre run-off pond near the house currently being used as administration offices.  

It has been decided by the board and administrative team that a restoration of the pond will allow us to include this area in our education program and provide a public observation area.  By offering an accessible study/observation area we hope to further the general understanding and importance of wetlands.. This site will be incorporated in our school programs providing a location for aquatic investigations where students will be able to get close to the water, collect samples of micro and macro organisums, experience water sampling and testing and realize the critical importance of the soils and land cover surrounding the pond.  We currently have a pre/post study project underway that will provide us with data on the hydrology, biology and soils in and surrounding the pond. Student groups will begin collecting data in the fall of 2022 before excavation and return in the spring to repeat data collecting in 2023. The intent of this program is not only to provide data for us to monitor the restoration process but to give students a real-time/hands-on experience in how the Earth as a system works.  

By taking pictures of this site you will help us monitor the restoration progress and see first hand the changes that are taking place.

About Beech Creek Gardens & Nature Preserve

Beech Creek Gardens & Nature Preserve

Celebrating 20 Years of 

Education * Recreation * Preservation * Inspiration

Beech Creek Gardens & Nature Preserve offeres an opportunty to share nature with individuals, families, and communities. We are a place that restores a feeling of well-being and ignights curiosity and wonder about the space we humans share as a member of the natural world.

Beech Creek Gardens & Nature Preserve is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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