June 10, 2021

Featured photo of Pat & Clint Mauk's Prairie

Pat & Clint Mauk's Prairie

Black Swamp Conservancy
Active since 2021
Ohio, US

Log Description

Pat and Clint Mauk’s Prairie is located next to Black Swamp Conservancy’s headquarters at 4825 Sugar Ridge Road, Pemberville. The property features thirty acres of native prairie habitat and contains several prairie pothole wetlands. A one-mile public trail runs through the prairie and is open to the public from dawn until dusk. Visitors can park in the lot behind our office. We look forward to the Chronolog site showcasing the seasonal changes of this beautiful prairie.

About Black Swamp Conservancy

The Black Swamp Conservancy was founded in 1993 by a group of people alarmed by the rapidly accelerating rate of development in rural northwest Ohio. These concerned citizens recognized the need to protect and enhance the best remaining natural and agricultural areas in this region and to promote responsible stewardship of the land.


Coordinates: 41.427188401265596, -83.49098308474245

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