February 1, 2019

Featured photo of Castle Rocks

Castle Rocks

Castle Rocks State Park
Active since 2019

Log Description

Thank you for helping us preserve and interpret the geological wonder that is Castle Rocks State Park. Look around you and imagine the Native Americans making pictographs, California Trail emigrants passing by in their wagons, or cowboys pushing cattle around the cove in the late 1860's. Today, look for climbers on the granite pinnacles, or moose and mule deer in the meadows.

About Castle Rocks State Park

With hundreds of routes to explore, the challenging landscape of Castle Rocks State Park attracts rock climbers from around the world and provides superb hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in the midst of a dramatic backdrop that dates back 2.5 million years. Remnants of Native American pictographs, historic trail crossings, and 20th century ranching are visible in the park today. Evidence suggests that folks have been coming to Castle Rocks for nearly 9,000 years. Campsites are nestled among Idaho’s largest pinyon pine forest on the east slope of the 7,500-foot Smoky Mountain.


Coordinates: 42.13169, -113.6656383150