October 13, 2020

Cedar Bog Lake

Cedar Bog Lake

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
Active since 2020
Minnesota, US

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Cedar Bog Lake is a small but famous lake in the heart of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. It is the location of Ray and Eleanor Lindeman's ground-breaking and paradigm-shifting work on ecosystem ecology in the 1930s and 40s, and continues to generate high-profile research results. The lake is also a frequent destination for visitors, researcher and student groups. A walking trail - open to chaperoned groups only - passes through prairie, cedar swamp, mature deciduous trees, and a tamarack bog before reaching the lake itself. Photos taken here by staff and students will help us monitor ice out, tree phenology, and lake levels over time and the time-lapse will help visitors experience this famous lake!

More information about Cedar Creek's upcoming events and programs is available at https://cbs.umn.edu/cedarcreek/public-programs/upcoming-events .

About Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is a University of Minnesota biological field station with many ecosystems and species found throughout the forests and grasslands of North America. Faculty, staff and students who work at Cedar Creek are dedicated to understanding how human activities, such as agriculture and fossil fuel combustion, are changing ecosystems. 



Many of the experiments at Cedar Creek consider the long-term consequences of human-driven environmental changes. These include ecosystem responses to things like biodiversity loss, nitrogen deposition, elevated carbon dioxide, habitat fragmentation, and changing community compositions. By taking pictures at our Chronolog stations, you can help scientists put together a long-term visual record of a few special places on our landscape!

Learn more at https://cbs.umn.edu/cedarcreek, or join us for an upcoming event! The calendar can be viewed at https://cbs.umn.edu/cedarcreek/public-programs/upcoming-events


Coordinates: 45.409579, -93.199758

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