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Chilly Slough Wetland

Idaho Falls District-Challis Field Office BLM

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Chilly Slough Wetland, part of the Thousand Springs Area of Critical Environmental Concern, protects an emergent wetland originating from springs at the base of the Lost River Mountain Range. Chilly Slough supports rare plant species and an abundant of migrating avian species, like sandhill cranes, trumpeter swans, peregrine falcon, and Towsend’s big eared bats - approximately 134 different birds, 27 mammals, 6 reptiles, 3 amphibians, and 3 fish species are known to use the Chilly Slough Wetlands. Much of the area was grazed historically with abandoned homesteads scattered throughout the wetland. In recent years, fencing was installed to excluded cattle from the wetland to maintain the significant biological diversity of the area. The BLM continues to maintain and monitor plant and avian species, and water quality in this area. 

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About Idaho Falls District-Challis Field Office BLM

The Bureau of Land Management-Challis Field Office is one of the four field offices within the Idaho Falls District.

The Challis Field Office, located in southeast Idaho, manages approximately 799,000 acres of public lands. Challis handles a variety of fish issues and works hard to ensure its riparian areas are suitable for the several listed fish species within its jurisdiction. This area’s remote and beautiful expanses of land, towering mountains and scenic rivers are the backdrop for a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Approximately 350,000 visitors come through Challis annually. Most recreation centers on the East Fork of the Salmon River, the Main Salmon River and the Big Lost River System. The clear waters of the Salmon River Canyon offer outstanding steelhead and trout fishing. Other opportunities include Class I and II boating, big game hunting, nature viewing and camping along the river.

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