October 28, 2022

Carmel Creek

Carmel Creek

Since 2022

In Indiana, US


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Situated along the White River, Oliver’s Woods Nature Preserve offers a nature immersion in the midst of a bustling commercial district. This urban nature preserve encompasses 16 acres of woods, 37 acres of prairie-savanna restoration, and a mile of White River frontage.

Many volunteers have helped us build trails, plant native plants and trees, and remove invasive species from the woods. This special care is allowing native species like wild ginger, Virginia bluebells, waterleaf, wild hyacinth and trillium to flourish.

Carmel Creek is a tributary of the White River. Even a small shower can quickly increase the flow of water in Carmel Creek to whitewater conditions, making Carmel Creek what is called a “flashy stream." Here, the land trust is monitoring changes due to erosion, sedimentation, and other factors. Efforts to restore its banks and surrounding floodplain are ongoing.  

About Central Indiana Land Trust

CILTI preserves the best of Central Indiana’s natural areas, protecting plants and animals, so Hoosiers can experience the wonder of the state’s natural heritage. Our organization is a member of Indiana Land Protection Alliance and is nationally accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Commission. CILTI works closely with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. We proudly partner with the Division of Nature Preserves, The Nature Conservancy, and many land trusts from across the state in our land protection efforts.


Coordinates: 39.91543, -86.09642

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