March 12, 2021

Featured photo of Brookside stormwater bioretention

Brookside stormwater bioretention

Cleveland Metroparks
Active since 2021
Ohio, US

Log Description

Thanks for helping us monitor this stormwater reduction project. This big parking lot catches lots of stormwater whenever it rains. Because the water cannot soak into the soil, it flows directly into Big Creek, causing major erosion problems downstream. The goal of this stormwater retrofit is to replace some of the parking lot surface with depressions called “bioretention cells” that will catch, hold, and clean stormwater, releasing it slowly over time. The Park District will also harvest plant material from these depressions to use as browse for zoo animals next door. Photos from this site will help us monitor the functioning of these bioretention cells. You can also help monitor other sites: Astorhurst wetland, Bonnie Park Wetland Restoration, Bonnie Park Dam Removal, Chagrin River at Jackson Field, Garfield Park pond, and Euclid Creek headwater restoration at Acacia Reservation. This site is ADA accessible.

About Cleveland Metroparks

We manage over 24,000 acres around the city of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. As we restore habitat, we need help capturing images of how the site changes, to see if it is functioning as intended. We would love your help taking pictures at these sites where recent restoration work has occurred.


Coordinates: 41.450800, -81.719679

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