March 23, 2019

Featured photo of Ben Brenman Meadow

Ben Brenman Meadow

City of Alexandria, Park Operations
Active since 2019
Virginia, US

Log Description

The Ben Brenman meadow was formerly a wet turf field with little ecological value. Since 2017 meadow restoration has included annual mowing, targeted invasive plant removal, and letting the existing seed bank of native plants regenerate. Site appropriate native tree species have been planted along the border of the meadow and a trail is cut in for people to explore the meadow.

About City of Alexandria, Park Operations

Chronolog stations have been established at three parks in the City of Alexandria: Four Mile Run Park, Ben Brenman Park, and Dora Kelley Nature Park. Each site features a view of a valuable natural area, two of which have been recently restored to natural habitats. Four Mile Run Park features a tidal restoration project that was completed in May 2016. Ben Brenman park features an ongoing meadow restoration project using natural succession. Dora Kelley Nature Park features an impoundment wetland. By uploading photos to the Chornolog site, visitors help us monitor these sites. Your photos can help inform site management and are a great tool to view changes at the sites through the seasons and years. To learn more about Park in the City of Alexandria, please visit the Park Operations website listed below.


Coordinates: 38.811259, -77.115690