September 22, 2022

Padden Creek Daylighting - Downstream Station

Padden Creek Daylighting - Downstream Station

Since 2022

In Washington, US


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This crowdsourced time lapse video shows a downstream view ​of the Padden Creek Daylighting restoration project, which moved Padden Creek out of an underground tunnel and into a newly constructed channel to improve fish habitat and reduce flooding risks to nearby homes in 2015​. 

Your photos help document the site’s progress and show how the​ hard work from community and agency partners has contributed to a healthier ecosystem for both wildlife and people.  

About City of Bellingham

The City of Bellingham has a rich variety of fish and wildlife habitats. There are over 75 miles of shoreline in Bellingham, including the marine nearshore of Bellingham Bay, lakes, and streams. Bellingham also contains approximately 1,000 acres of wetlands and over 10,000 acres of forest. These habitats provide corridors for fish and wildlife and are the foundation for important ecosystem functions on which we all depend. Protecting and restoring these habitats helps support fish and wildlife populations and the quality of life we enjoy. The City’s Natural Resources Division of the Public Works Department manages a Restoration Program to protect and restore these habitats. 


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