June 10, 2021

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Sutey Ranch Station 103

Active since 2021
Colorado, US

Log Description

The BLM is working to improve conditions for a variety of wildlife in the Sutey Ranch agricultural fields. Targeted goat grazing is being used to reduce smooth brome, crested wheatgrass, and noxious weeds without the use of herbicides and heavy equipment. We have seeded the fields with plants that will provide flowers for pollinators, seeds for birds, and more nutritious forage for mule deer, elk, and other wildlife. Many of the changes are happening in the soil and aren’t visible yet. The fields were part of a working ranch for over a century, and we know it will take time achieve our objectives. Three camera stations are oriented to photograph grazed areas and ungrazed controls. Maybe you can see the difference? Thank you for helping us monitor these restoration efforts with time lapse photography.


Coordinates: 39.450562, -107.208017