December 13, 2022

Swan Bay wetland restoration

Swan Bay wetland restoration

Since 2022

In Victoria, AU


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Historically natural coastal wetlands were converted to pastureland to maximize available farming areas along Victoria’s coast. However, these coastal pastures limited the profitability of the land due to the difficult growing conditions, invasive weeds and waterlogged soils.

Our project intends to use low-cost fencing to restore marginal farmland back to coastal wetlands, where farmers end up with an environmental asset that benefits them and the wider community. 


Restoring saltmarsh habitat not only helps increase the diversity of vegetation, but it also provides suitable habitat for many threatened and endangered fauna including the orange-bellied parrot, growling grass frog, resident and migratory shorebirds (listed as in fair condition with a declining trend in the 2016 State of the Bay report). A healthy functioning saltmarsh provides many other ecosystem services, including storing carbon from the atmosphere, reducing nitrogen loads into the bay, protecting our coastlines and enhancing recreational fisheries. 

About Blue Carbon Lab - Deakin University

Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab offers innovative research solutions for helping to mitigate climate change and improve natural capital, while also contributing to jobs, economic growth, capacity building and community wellbeing.  

The Blue Carbon Labs’ in-house expertise spans ecology, biogeochemistry, microbiology, environmental economics, modeling and mapping/remote sensing. 


Coordinates: -38.2273, 144.6517

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