January 26, 2024

Brandywine Creek State Park-Overlook Hill

Brandywine Creek State Park-Overlook Hill

Since 2024

In Delaware, US


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Brandywine Creek State Park is working to preserve our historic meadows through controlled burns, mowing, and invasive species removal. These meadows have returned to a natural state from their past use as agricultural fields. Reminents of this can still be seen at the Fenton Farm complex below the hill. 

About Delaware State Parks

The DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation oversees more than 20,000 acres in 17 state parks, manages state nature preserves, and monitors conservation easements protecting more than 4,000 acres of land. The division preserves cultural and historic resources, from a Civil War-era fort to elegant estates. And it provides a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities for Delawareans and visitors. Find more information on state park programs and amenities at DEStateParks.com.


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