June 24, 2019

Featured photo of Wildcat Creek Wetland

Wildcat Creek Wetland

Dunwoody Nature Center
Active since 2019
Georgia, US

About this site

The Dunwoody Nature Center is home to a variety of organisms and habitats, including the wetlands through which Wildcat Creek flows. Captured in your photo is just a glimpse of the natural wonders that thrive in ecosystems across Georgia. With the submission of your snapshot, we'll be able to document the seasonal changes as well as habitat alterations that occur from man-made influence on the surrounding land.

About Dunwoody Nature Center

Dunwoody Park began as a part of America’s Bicentennial celebrations in 1975 when a group of citizens petitioned DeKalb County to purchase the acreage known as Dunwoody Park with a federal grant. We aim to inspire the love of nature and cultivate environmental understanding and stewardship through a variety of programs and activities that engage the public and provide our community with a sense of place within the natural world.


Coordinates: 33.956667, -84.333056

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