May 10, 2021

Upper Lehman Campground Wetland Restoration

Upper Lehman Campground Wetland Restoration

Great Basin National Park
Active since 2021
Nevada, US

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Boardwalk overlooking a restored road and culverts. Wetlands control floods, provide clean water, support wildlife and fish, and provide us with places to relax and play. Wetlands form a small part of Nevada and Great Basin National Park. In Nevada over 50% of wetlands have been drained for development and agriculture. Luckily wetlands are easy to restore, when water is still available to saturate soils and support vegetation. What you are looking at used to be a road and culvert. A wetland restoration project converted asphalt, ditches, and culverts into eight acres of wetland and 1/2 mile of riparian stream habitat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQHA5ZadXjA&t=20s

About Great Basin National Park

From the 13,063-foot summit of Wheeler Peak, to the sage-covered foothills, Great Basin National Park is a place to sample the stunning diversity of the larger Great Basin region. Come and partake of the solitude of the wilderness, walk among ancient bristlecone pines, bask in the darkest of night skies, and explore mysterious subterranean passages. There's a whole lot more than just desert here!


Coordinates: 39.013466, -114.250443

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