October 27, 2020

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The Grove National Historic Landmark Prairie

Glenview Park District
Active since 2020
Illinois, US

Log Description

A restored prairie sits in front of the historic Kennicott House, the original home of the Kennicott family that settled in Glenview in the 1800s. The prairie lies between the house and a replica of the Milwaukee Plank Road, built to resemble what roads were like in the late 1800s. The prairie contains many different types of native prairie plants.

About Glenview Park District

The Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie and The Grove National Historic Landmark are two natural areas managed by the Glenview Park District in Glenview, Illinois. The Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie, or ASP for short, is over 30 acres of both restored and remnant prairie, and was once adjacent to the Glenview Naval Station. The Grove National Historic Landmark is over 150 acres containing wetlands, prairie, oak savannas, as well as several historic buildings used for programming. Thank you to all the visitors who are helping us with this photo project-these photos will help track the changes that happen over the years at both of these sites.


Coordinates: 42.082222, -87.863889