July 22, 2023

Featured photo of Osprey Pond

Osprey Pond

Grand Valley Audubon Society
Active since 2023
Colorado, US

About this site

Grand Valley Audubon Society manages 58 acres of wetland on the critical Colorado River riparian corridor which many birds and other animals call home. The property has served as gravel pits historically, which provide an element of water that benifits many duck species and Osprey. In 2022, Osprey Pond along with other ponds was recontoured and filled in as a part of the GVAS Wetlands Restoration Project to promote shallower wetland systems in hopes to mimic natural conditions that many important migratory bird species depend on.  This Chronolog station aims to track the progress of this work as water levels and vegetation change over time to pair with ongoing bird data collection. 

About Grand Valley Audubon Society

Grand Valley Audubon strives to provide information, education, and activities to help everyone get outside and connect with the spectacular natural area we call home. 


Coordinates: 39.07632708881729, -108.60554211134452

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