March 24, 2021

Featured photo of Esopus Meadows Preserve

Esopus Meadows Preserve

Scenic Hudson, Inc
Active since 2021
New York, US

Log Description

This 96-acre preserve contains 3,500 feet of Hudson River shoreline along shallows and freshwater tidal flats that provide important spawning, nursery and feeding habitats for many fish species. The riverbank is prone to erosion that can impact these habitats. By contributing to chronolog, you’ll help create a record that will inform future steps we can take to keep the shoreline safe and inviting for people and wildlife.

About Scenic Hudson, Inc

Scenic Hudson preserves land and farms and creates parks that connect people with the inspirational power of the Hudson River, while fighting threats to the river and natural resources that are the foundation of the valley’s prosperity.


Coordinates: 41.868185, -73.950908