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How does our garden grow? This chronolog station captures the seasonal changes and activities of the Incredible Edible garden at Milbridge Commons Wellness Park. This 18,000-square-foot IEM garden, a Women for Healthy Rural Living project, features one of two large free, pick-your-own vegetable gardens in town. Incredible Edible gardens, along with education initiatives, are designed to create a community that is stronger, healthier, and more food-independent. 

The 4.6-acre Milbridge Commons Wellness Park, which opened in 2018, is a collaborative effort between Women for Healthy Rural Living and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. 

About Women for Healthy Rural Living

Our Mission is to advance and promote the health and wellbeing of the woman, her family, and her community.  

We seek to create an inclusive, wellness-oriented community that is active, well-nourished, and connected to nature and one another. 

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