September 25, 2021

Mal Coombs Park

Mal Coombs Park

Since 2021

In California, US


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Mal Coombs Park, located in Shelter Cove CA, is home to the historic Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. Constructed in 1868, the lighthouse originally served as the beacon for Cape Mendocino (approximately 50 miles north of Shelter Cove). It was relocated to Mal Coombs Park in 1998 after being decommissioned. Though no longer operational, today it serves as a historic site for visitors, and a reminder of the rich history and rugged coastlines of Humboldt County. The native plan garden surrounding the base of the lighthouse is a guiding light towards what the Bureau of Land Management and its community partners hope to achieve through their restoration efforts along the scenic bluffs of Mal Coombs Park.

About King Range National Conservation Area

The King Range National Conservation Area (NCA) is a spectacular meeting of land and sea as mountains thrust straight out of the surf with King Peak (4,088 feet) only 3-miles from the ocean. The King Range NCA encompasses 68,000 acres along 35 miles of California’s north coast. The landscape was too rugged for highway building, giving the remote region the title of California’s Lost Coast. It is the Nation's first NCA, designated in 1970.


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