September 7, 2022

Restored Prairie

Restored Prairie

Since 2022

In Kansas, US


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This area was once a pasture that was seeded with Smooth Brome - a grass species that is not native to North America. Native grasses and wildflowers are slowly moving back into the area. See if you can find some of them! 

About Konza Prairie Biological Station

KPBS  is a biological field station devoted to a 3-fold mission of research, education, and prairie conservation. It comprises 8,600 acres, most of which are set aside for research. The Nature Trail system, on the north end of the site, is open to the public to allow them to hike and enjoy the beauty and ecology of the tallgrass prairie. Visitors who are interested in becoming advocates for the prairie and to learn more about the Konza Prairie Biological Station are encouraged to become members of the Friends of Konza Prairie


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