June 23, 2022

Featured photo of Hacker's Hill Preserve

Hacker's Hill Preserve

Loon Echo Land Trust
Active since 2022
Maine, US

Log Description

Hacker's Hill Preserve. Photos taken at this  site will help LELT monitor recovery of an area from invasive Japanese Knotweed back to native species. This site also captures the evolution of grasses and wildflowers in the fields at Hacker's Hill, we hope to see a return of many beneficial native species to the fields over time. Finally, this site captures the hills and forests of Casco and Naples, allowing us to see changes in area land use over time. 

About Loon Echo Land Trust

Loon Echo Land Trust is a non-profit organization that protects land in
the Lake Region of Maine to conserve its natural resources and character for current and future generations. To date, LELT conserves 8,500 acres of land and maintains and protects public access to many iconic outdoor spaces such as Pleasant Mountain, Hacker's Hill, and Bald Pate Mountain. In addition to protecting land, LELT maintains over 30 miles of recreational trails and hosts a variety of guided hikes and educational programs throughout the year. 


Loon Echo Land Trust is part of the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative's Climate Change Observatory Network,  a photo monitoring program designed to work with environmental organizations and communities to assist with the observation, measurement and documentation of long-term climate change trends, and climate adaptation projects.  


Coordinates: 43.9669059, -70.5293006