July 11, 2020

Jackson View Landing

Jackson View Landing

Since 2020

In Florida, US


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Jackson View Landing is a Leon County managed public boat launch, observation dock and park. It is located on Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve and easily accessed off of US 27/N. Monroe Street, just north of the City of Tallahassee.

About Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve

These monitoring stations seek to capture daily, seasonal, and climatic changes in vegetation, light, public use and water in Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve. Lake Jackson is a 5,000+ acre shallow sinkhole lake that periodically (and naturally) drains, making for variable opportunities in recreation and access, resource management, and wildlife observation. The lake was designated an Aquatic Preserve in 1973 due to its ecological, cultural, and recreational values. The AP, which includes Lake Jackson, Carr Lake, and Mallard Pond, has eight public landings and is stewarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other partners. Check out the stations at Jackson View and Sunset Landings, and help us capture the many flavors of the lake!


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