June 26, 2023

North Head of Long Pond

North Head of Long Pond

Since 2023

In Massachusetts, US


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Thank you for participating in our community science project and visiting the Linda Loring Nature Foundation. This lookout area is the North Head of Long Pond, a brackish body of water with a slight tidal flow connected to the rest of Long Pond by a culvert under the Madaket Road. Surrounding most of this body of water is the rest of the LLNF property, which encompasses 275 acres of protected conservation space.

Your photos captured here will contribute to a time-lapse video that will serve as our baseline data to analyze long-term climate change trends. We can then compare these photos to our ongoing water quality research of the pond. Our pond research includes the chemistry of the water (pH, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.), water level meters, seine netting, vegetation surveys, wildlife surveys, and minnow trapping. We hope to better understand Long Pond’s tidal regime and its effects on the surrounding ecosystem.

For more information, please visit our website llnf.org 

About Linda Loring Nature Foundation

At the Linda Loring Nature Foundation, located on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, we promote environmental literacy through research, education, and stewardship empowering our community to develop a sense of place by deepening their connection to the natural world.   

To learn more about our research and conservation efforts on our 275 acre property, please check out llnf.org


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