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Legacy Park Retention Basin

Managed by City of Malibu

In California, US


About this site

The City of Malibu is monitoring water levels in the retention basing as well as waterfowl and bull rush and reed growth.  We hope to engage the community in a new way participating in citizen science here at Legacy Park.  

About City of Malibu

Malibu is a unique land and marine environment and residential community whose citizens have historically evidenced a commitment to sacrifice urban and suburban conveniences to protect that environment and lifestyle and to preserve unaltered natural resources and rural characteristics. 

Since its incorporation in 1991, the City of Malibu has worked tirelessly, to uphold this founding vision. The City has built three stormwater treatment facilities to improve local water quality. Multiple pollinator gardens have been planted and only native plants are installed on City-owned properties. 

The City's policies continue to promote green building, native landscaping, and recycled water reuse to preserve Malibu's unique natural environment. The City of Malibu has adopted a progressive Earth Friendly Management Program as well as a Dark Sky Ordinance which sets the City above others in its dedication to sustainable practicies.


Coordinates: 34.0352, -118.6894

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