March 7, 2024

Stop 2- Willow Point Trail

Stop 2- Willow Point Trail

Since 2024

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Willow Point Trail is Middle Creek's most popular trail. This accessible trail is just less than a mile in length and is the best spot to see migratory waterfowl especially in February and March when the snow geese and tundra swans begin their nothern migrations. Waterfowl are not the only wildlife you can see from this point! Look for soaring and nesting bald eagles as well!

About Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania's State Wildlife Agency in charge of all wild birds and wild mammals. Our mission is to create a meaningful wildlife conservation experience for every user, showcase science-based conservation management, and inspire current and future generations to conserve wildlife as a public trust.


Coordinates: 40.27692, -76.23579

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