January 7, 2020

Sturgeon Pond

Sturgeon Pond

Since 2020

In Idaho, US


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The “sturgeon pond” is a highlight at the MK Nature Center, as it is home to beavers, ducks, deer, heron, trout, salmon and of course, three white sturgeon! The five acre MK Nature Center is owned and operated by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game with the intent to showcase Idaho’s wildlife habitats and provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Since this habitat is maintained in a natural way, and animals are not in enclosures, sometimes on a single visit, you may not see much wildlife. If you visit frequently and through the year, you will encounter dozens of mammals and hundreds of species of birds on the grounds. Herbivores and carnivores alike are out hunting and interacting with one another each day. By sending in your photo, you can help us monitor seasonal changes and you can enjoy the view throughout the year.

About Morrison Knudsen Nature Center

The MK Nature Center is a 4.7 acre wildlife habitat with paths, bridges, gardens, fish viewing, and a visitor center. Owned and operated by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Nature Center features native animals and plants of Idaho.


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