December 7, 2019

Wetland - Upper Observation Deck

Wetland - Upper Observation Deck

Since 2019

In North Carolina, US


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Mature pine and black willow trees surround this wetland habitat, part of the Explore the Wild exhibit at the Museum of Life and Science. Smaller, flood-tolerant species grow well in the rich soil at the water's edge. Once a quarry pit, this wetland is now a thriving urban habitat with over 130 plant and animal species.

About The Museum of Life and Science

An urban wetland sits at the heart of the Museum of Life and Science’s Explore the Wild exhibit. This site was once a quarry pit for mining gravel. When the quarry was abandoned in the 1930’s, water filled the pit, and plants and animals began to move in. The wetland now filters stormwater as it flows from the nearby city into Ellerbe Creek. Notice seasonal changes in plant life, water level, and water quality. Watch the wetland grow over time as nature reclaims this human-altered habitat.


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