November 23, 2019

Woodland Cove

Woodland Cove

Managed by Mason Mill Park

Since 2019

In Georgia, US


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The slope below this boardwalk at Mason Mill Park contains a beautiful, mature hardwood forest. The forest around you contains mockernut hickory, tulip tree, white oak, American hornbeam, sourwood, sassafras, American beech, dogwood, sweetgum, and black cherry. However, invasive plants such as Chinese privet, English ivy, and Japanese honeysuckle have taken over the forest floor. Along the banks of Burnt Fork Creek, large privet tress out-compete other plantlife in an unhealthy monoculture. To restore the forest to health, DeKalb County is removing invasive species and providing opportunity for native plants to thrive once more. When the restoration project is complete, this area of Mason Mill Park will apply to become an Atlanta Audubon Society “Certified Wildlife Sanctuary.” Please use this photo station to help us document the changes in the forest as invasives are removed and native vegetation comes back.

About Mason Mill Park

DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs provides opportunities for nature education and recreation for all DeKalb residents. Mason Mill Park contains a 120-acre forest with a network of some of the nicest hiking and biking trails in the county. The South Peachtree Creek Trail is a multi-use boardwalk and paved route that connects Mason Mill Park, Medlock Park, the Leafmore neighborhood, and Emory University. A network of soft surface trails also provides miles of hiking opportunities within Mason Mill, Ira B. Melton, and Medlock Parks. The three Chronolog photo stations along the South Peachtree Creek Trail invite citizens to help document changes in the park throughout the year.


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