April 11, 2021

Featured photo of Burnt Fork Creek

Burnt Fork Creek

Mason Mill Park
Active since 2021
Georgia, US

Log Description

Burnt Fork Creek is one of this DeKalb neighborhood's important waterways. Home to a diverse population of birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and mammals, this Chronolog timelapse documents changes in season and water flow throughout the year. This is also the location of an ongoing beaver dam project. Mason Mill's beavers work tirelessly to block Burnt Fork with sticks and mud about 50 feet upstream from this bridge. Help us keep a record of their work - and of the times when flooding washes away their dam.

About Mason Mill Park

DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs provides opportunities for nature education and recreation for all DeKalb residents. Mason Mill Park contains a 120-acre forest with a network of some of the nicest hiking and biking trails in the county. The South Peachtree Creek Trail is a multi-use boardwalk and paved route that connects Mason Mill Park, Medlock Park, the Leafmore neighborhood, and Emory University. A network of soft surface trails also provides miles of hiking opportunities within Mason Mill, Ira B. Melton, and Medlock Parks. The three Chronolog photo stations along the South Peachtree Creek Trail invite citizens to help document changes in the park throughout the year.


Coordinates: 33.8100888, -84.2983716