June 2, 2020

Featured photo of Observation Tower

Observation Tower

Mequon Nature Preserve
Active since 2020
Wisconsin, US

About this site

The tower is a favorite spot for our visitors and students on field trips. It is the highest point on the preserve and it allows visitors to view the entire preserve. This helps people get a birds-eye view of the place! The founders of MNP had an observation tower in their Master Plan, as they wanted a place where visitors can see the preserve as a whole and watch the land heal. It wasn’t until a local women who wanted a gift for all the teachers that taught her kids that made this happen. Today, it remains an icon for Mequon Nature Preserve and an important place for our education staff to teacher the thousands of students annually!

About Mequon Nature Preserve

We are a guiding example of habitat restoration by returning 510 acres of farmland to a mosaic of forests, prairies and wetlands. We work to instill environmental empathy and action into the consciousness of surrounding communities. Dog friendly and no tax dollars fund us!


Coordinates: 43.197820, -88.017811

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