June 2, 2020

Featured photo of Trinity Creek

Trinity Creek

Mequon Nature Preserve
Active since 2020
Wisconsin, US

About this site

This area was once a channelized ditch where it picked up sediment and excess nutrients from drain tiles that were put in place by 19th century farmers. The water carries the sediment and nutrients downstream depositing them into the Milwaukee River and eventually into Lake Michigan. The goal of this project was to restore the creek channel back to its historical location and establish native plants along its banks through seeding and planting. The project began with excavation, which connects the new stream bed to the restored stream channel. This new stream channel features meanders, logs and rock structures that allow for the slowing down and pooling of water which will catch sediment and prevent it from flowing down stream. The meandering creek will also allow for greater fish passage from further up and down stream locations.

About Mequon Nature Preserve

We are a guiding example of habitat restoration by returning 510 acres of farmland to a mosaic of forests, prairies and wetlands. We work to instill environmental empathy and action into the consciousness of surrounding communities. Dog friendly and no tax dollars fund us!


Coordinates: 43.193727, -88.006175

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