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This station is just uphill from the Cable Gate parking lot. Here we see a characteristic subalpine meadow with scattered juvenile and mature lodgepole pine, grasses and other flowering plants, as well as decaying trees. Mt. Albion and Kiowa Peak are visible in the distance.

About Niwot Ridge Long Term Ecological Research Station

At the Niwot Ridge Long-term Ecological Research Program (NWT LTER), we study the air, snow, water, soil, microbes, lakes, trees, flowers, and animals in the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies. We measure, experiment and model how all these pieces fit together and have affected the health of our mountains over the last 40 years. Our mission is to better understand how our complex mountain systems are changing and better predict the future of the many critical services these systems provide to all of us living downhill — in Boulder, in Colorado, and beyond.


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