October 4, 2022

Featured photo of Florida Trail- Kammer Wiregrass Restoration Site

Florida Trail- Kammer Wiregrass Restoration Site

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Active since 2022
Florida, US

Log Description

Located within the Econfina Creek Water Management Area, sandhill communities like this once covered a significant portion of the southeastern United States stretching from Virginia to Texas. This specific sandhill site is being utilized as a wiregrass donor
site to help restore native groundcover species within the Econfina Creek Water Management Area.  

Wiregrasses and other fine fuels are beneficial in carrying
frequent, low-intensity fires which are critical in reducing competing
hardwoods and other vegetation and promoting species diversity.  

Sandhill was historically widespread on well-drained sands
throughout the southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain and was once a major part of an extensive mosaic of natural communities dominated by longleaf pines.  

The longleaf pine ecosystem has experienced a 98-percent decline
in acreage throughout its range, and is considered critically endangered (Noss et al. 1995; Stein et al. 2000). From 1936 to 1995, Florida experienced a 90-percent decline in longleaf pinelands due to conversion to pine plantations, development, and agriculture (Kautz 1998).   


Coordinates: 30.432258, -85.60978