September 7, 2022

Featured photo of Econfina Rd- Sandhill Restoration South of Rattlesnake Lake

Econfina Rd- Sandhill Restoration South of Rattlesnake Lake

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Active since 2022
Florida, US

Log Description

This sandhill community is located within the Econfina Creek Water Management Area and is being restored to a longleaf pine and wiregrass ecosystem.  

Sandhill was historically widespread on well-drained sands
throughout the southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain and was once a major part of an extensive mosaic of natural communities dominated by longleaf pines. This area was once widely covered in sand pine plantations used for timber and pulpwood industries.  

In 2021, the sand pines were harvested and removed. In 2022,
the site was cleaned and prepared for restoration. In 2023, longleaf pine tubelings and wiregrass seed will be distributed throughout this 426-acre tract. In approximately three years, prescribed fire will be reintroduced to this area to help reduce competing vegetation and promote species diversity.  

Visit here periodically to see how this site is being transferred back into its natural habitat.       


Coordinates: 30.44453, -85.57523