September 29, 2022

Econfina Creek View at Walsingham Rec Site

Econfina Creek View at Walsingham Rec Site

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Econfina Creek and the neighboring sandhills create a unique and
special habitat in Florida. The creek is largely spring-fed and is well
known for its cold, clear water as well as its natural vegetation, bird life,
and geologic and hydrologic features. It is the steepest gradient canoe trail in the state, featuring rapids, springs, and rock outcrops.  

The District has acquired a majority of the Econfina Creek corridor and Sand Hill Lakes Mitigation Bank for water resource protection, restoration, and preservation and is the primary source of drinking water for Bay County.  

Rain failing on these rolling sandhills sink into the underlying
limestone aquifer and moves rapidly toward the creek where it bubbles up as pure, clean spring water. Econfina Creek contains many unique wetland and upland habitats including spring-run streams
and limestone bluffs. Springs and spring-runs are the focal points of this water management area and provide a wide variety of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.    

In October, 2018, Hurricane Michael heavily impacted a significant portion of the Econfina Creek Water Management Area including the creek basin shown here at Walsingham Bridge. This photo station will help us document the long-term recovery of the Econfina Creek Water Management Area following Hurricane Michael.      

About Northwest Florida Water Management District

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is the state’s lead agency for environmental management and stewardship – protecting our air, water and land. The vision of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is to create strong community partnerships, safeguard Florida’s natural resources and enhance its ecosystems.


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