November 6, 2020

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Binney Hill Wilderness Preserve

Northeast Wilderness Trust
Active since 2020
New Hampshire, US

Log Description

This rewilding meadow was a former log landing. After planting a few trees and wildflower seeds in 2019, the meadow has a jump-start on its way to becoming forested again. The meadow lies within the southern portion of a 1,963-acre wilderness protected by Northeast Wilderness Trust. Every acre of forest within this block will someday be an ancient or old-growth forest for future generations of people and wildlife. Watch the landscape change over time as nature's dance unfolds! Learn more about this special place at:

About Northeast Wilderness Trust

Founded in 2002, the Northeast Wilderness Trust conserves forever-wild landscapes for nature and people across New England and the Adirondacks. The Wilderness Trust owns Wilderness Preserves and Sanctuaries, and also protects land through legal means such as conservation easements. The organization currently safeguards more than 37,000 acres of wildlands in six states.


Coordinates: 42.721, -71.9055