December 13, 2020

Featured photo of Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve

Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve

Northeast Wilderness Trust
Active since 2020
Massachusetts, US

Log Description

Learn more about Muddy Pond Wilderness Preserve here. Located in Kingston, MA, about 30 minutes south of Boston, Muddy Pond is a rare, undeveloped Coastal Plain Pond surrounded by Atlantic Pine Barrens protected as forever-wild by Northeast Wilderness Trust. In this rewilding photopoint, an extension of Muddy Pond was once converted to a cranberry bog after European settlement. Today, it is returning to a natural state, and the water fluctuates as the Coastal Plain Pond rises and falls in accordance with rainfall and drought. Your photos help tell the story of seasonal changes in this dynamic ecosystem as well as documenting nature returning to wilderness in real time.

About Northeast Wilderness Trust

Founded in 2002, the Northeast Wilderness Trust conserves forever-wild landscapes for nature and people across New England and the Adirondacks. The Wilderness Trust owns Wilderness Preserves and Sanctuaries, and also protects land through legal means such as conservation easements. The organization currently safeguards more than 42,000 acres of wildlands in six states.


Coordinates: 41.957833, -70.741833