February 8, 2022

Featured photo of Oxbow Preserve Post-Wildfire Documentation

Oxbow Preserve Post-Wildfire Documentation

Oxbow Eco Center
Active since 2022
Florida, US

About this site

Welcome to the Oxbow Preserve & Eco Center! This Chronolog will provide a unique peek into the timeline of a  natural post-wildfire cycle of a pine flatwoods ecosystem. The Oxbow Preserve is one of St. Lucie County's 24 county-managed preserves. Learn more about them all at StLuciePreserves.com.

Date of wildfire: December 28, 2021

Learn more about Florida's wildfires here.  

Check out Oxbow Preserve's Sundew Overlook Chronolog , with views of an ephemeral wetland.   

About Oxbow Eco Center

Thanks for visiting the Oxbow Preserve and participating in the Chronolog Project! 

The Oxbow Preserve consists 225 acres on the St. Lucie River and is one of 24 nature preserves managed by St. Lucie County.  The Eco-Center at the preserve is an environmental learning center open to the public Tues-Sat, 12-4pm.

Guided nature programs, lectures, public events, and offer service learning and volunteer opportunities abound at the Oxbow Eco-Center.  Visit OxbowEco.com  to learn about these fun and informational environmental programs for all ages.  You can also sign up for our e-newsletter!

Visit StLuciePreserves.com to learn more about all of St. Lucie County's Preserves.

We hope you visit the Oxbow Chronolog stations again sometime soon to submit another snapshot! As more and more people upload photos at different times of the day throughout the year, a unique peek into the dynamic changes of an ecosystem will be revealed.


Coordinates: 27.354716 , -80.351089

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