March 21, 2024

Canyon View Meadow

Canyon View Meadow

Since 2024

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On October 31, 2023, Placer Land Trust partnered with CAL FIRE and Placer Resource Conservation District to conduct our first successful controlled burn of 5 acres of grass and weeds at our Canyon View Preserve . We plan to do a contolled burn of this preserve annually. Thanks to citizen scientists who share photos through this Chronolog project, we’ll be able to better monitor the meadow for:

• Regrowth: Looking for signs of regrowth of vegetation, especially of native grasses and wildflowers. This indicates that the burn has successfully stimulated new growth.

• Invasive Species Control: Checking for signs of control or suppression of invasive plant species. Prescribed burns can help reduce the dominance of invasive species by creating conditions less favorable for their growth.

• Wildlife Habitat: Assessing the impact of the burn on wildlife habitat. We’re looking for signs of increased biodiversity or habitat improvement for native wildlife species. Changes in vegetation structure and composition can affect habitat quality for various animal species.

• Post-burn Management: Developing and implementing post-burn management strategies as needed. This may include activities such as revegetation efforts, erosion control measures, and monitoring for native and invasive species.

Thank you for participating, and for contributing to our successful management of this well-loved preserve! If you haven't already, please consider becoming a member of Placer Land Trust to join us in furthering our mission of protecting natural and agricultural lands in Placer County. Learn more about membership here

About Placer Land Trust

People are drawn to Placer County for our stunning landscapes, rich agricultural heritage, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Placer Land Trust believes these natural wonders provide a rich quality of life for all living things today and in the future. Protecting these landscapes is essential to successfully build and sustain connections among people, their community, and the natural environment. 

That's why Placer Land Trust works with willing landowners and conservation partners to permanently protect and care for natural and agricultural lands in Placer County for current and future generations.


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