October 11, 2018

Featured photo of Governor Bridge Natural Area

Governor Bridge Natural Area

Patuxent River Park
Active since 2018
Maryland, US

Log Description

Meadows are field habitats dominated by non-woody plant species. They are often an overlooked habitat that can be full of life and beauty. The pollinator meadow in front of you was created in 2018 with pollinator-friendly plants including wildflowers and grasses to help support declining populations of butterflies, bees, and other meadow dependent species. These insects play critical roles in the ecosystem and in agriculture by pollinating trees, flowers, and crops. The Department of Parks and Creation has a goal of creating 100 new acres of meadow habitat by 2023 on park land. By submitting this photo, you are helping to document the seasonal changes in this meadow.


Coordinates: 38.94628, -76.69587