November 30, 2022

HQ - Native Garden

HQ - Native Garden

Since 2022

In Massachusetts, US


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 Not only can gardens be beautiful with their different flowers and scents, but they can also support native wildlife like bees, butterflies, and birds. This garden showcases a number of native shrubs that provide nutritious food items such as berries and insects. The flowering plants are also important sources of energy for pollinators. Did you know that pollinating species, like bees and butterflies, play a vital role in making sure that plants are able to reproduce? This service they provide is important for both our backyard gardens and our agricultural fields.  

The native garden is designed and maintained by the Friends of Parker River NWR, and Refuge volunteers. Depending on what month you visit, the garden will look different as most species bloom and produce seeds at varying times of the year. This makes for a more attractive garden, for both us and the wildlife!   

About Parker River and Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is located on Plum Island, a barrier island along the coast of northern Massachusetts. The mix of habitats—including salt marsh, salt pannes, maritime shrubland, and beach dunes—makes the location especially important for migratory birds. One of the main focuses of the Refuge is to restore habitats and ecosystems to be more resilient to climate change, particularly for salt marshes in the Great Marsh.

Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge is oak hickory forest with many forested wetland and tidal estuary tucked inland just west of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Here, fresh riverine waters meet salty oceanic waters allowing a wide variety of plant and animal life to flourish. The Refuge is another important stopping ground for migrating birds to feed, shelter, and in some cases breed.


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